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Guineapigmum was born several years ago on East Lothian Council’s Edubuzz blog platform, when my two boys were at Ross High School in Tranent. I was the first parent to start blogging with Edubuzz and I blogged, somewhat erratically, through the high school years. “Why Guineapigmum?” I’ve been asked more than once as my blog content and readership diversified.  The boys were in a guineapig cohort at school for timing of subject choices and exams; it all seems irrelevant these days! The blog morphed from a children/school based story into more of a personal diary when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2007, with a relapse in 2011.

It’s now time for Guineapigmum to move on. The guineapigs are guineapigs no more. They’ve left school and moved on to new ventures, education maybe, work perhaps, alcohol definitely. And travel, of course. Somehow it’s more difficult for parents to move on. The space changes in the house with their comings and goings and the car is suddenly unavailable although, of course, chauffeur duties are reduced. The pile of wet towels and the overflowing laundry baskets don’t seem to shrink, mind you.

So we suddenly find ourselves planning trips without the boys in this new state. And I’m planning an adventure to fulfil my ambition to swim across Scotland. I’m hoping The Shin Swim will happen this summer, while I’m still well, as who knows what next year will bring? More of that in the blog.



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