For Tim, 11th Oct 1994 – 25th February 2015

IMG_1005 (640x366)

Frozen in time


You are in my thoughts every day.

You drop into my dreams now and again.

But you are in my heart forever.


You are part of our daily conversations.

Your spirit is everywhere,

Motes of golden dust glittering in the air.


I talk with Chris.

What did you do today?

What are your plans?

And I wonder what his future holds.


Your future, so full of plans,

Your life, so full of joy,

Have been stolen.

You are frozen in time.


But we made so many happy memories together

As a family.

Memories that are so much more valuable

Than things.

I treasure them all.


I couldn’t wrap my arms around you

As a mother should

As you lay alone so far from home.

But I have wrapped you in my heart

And you will be there forever

Frozen in time.


8 thoughts on “For Tim, 11th Oct 1994 – 25th February 2015

  1. What a beautiful, sad and poignant poem for Tim …love of your sons, wonderful times, the enormous loss, the immense heartache and the essence of being a Mum. Thank you for sharing. Thinking of you today Christine. Sending much love and a hug across the miles. Sue xx

  2. A beautiful poem. Been thinking of you and hoping things are going ok health-wise. Sending love to you Iain and Chris xx

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