One summer

The last post was pretty gloomy so I thought I might write a list of some of the good things we did in 2015, or maybe just the second part of the year. There is nothing good to be written about the first part.

  •  In June, the visibility at St Abbs was wonderful and we did several dives. DSC05427Iain and I also had a week travelling up the west coast, shore diving at spots old and new. DSC05619
  •  July was my annual trip to Shetland for SOTEAG rocky shore monitoring.DSC06127
  •  August was taken up with a three week work trip on the Halton from Stromness to the caves of St Kilda and North Rona, via the north coast of Scotland, Loch Laxford and Loch Maddy. It was a great trip and I made some lovely new friends. And I had a new dry suit into the bargain.DSC07012 DSCN1111
  •  In September there was more work diving, in the Sound of Barra this time, in easterly gales. I flew from Barra to Glasgow at the end of the trip, from the Barra airstrip which is on a cockle beach. Low tide essential.20150908_CMH_SoundofBarra_SA110_-00609 20150909_CMH_SoundofBarra_ZN01D_-00652 BarraSurface-14 DSCN1311
  • I then joined Iain and a group from his company Xodus down in the Oxford area and we spent two days swimming in the Thames with SwimTrek. Cold, hard but fun.ThamesSwim-37 Swimmers (1 of 1)
  • At some stage Chris and his girlfriend Katie went off to Tenerife for a week. I’m sure I never did holidays like that when I was a student.
  • November, and we headed over to Donegal for a few days, for Pat’s good food, and long beach walks. The weather was vile but the company was good. Abel Arthur, Pat’s first grandchild, was born in London during our stay in Donegal – much excitement, very cute.
  • And then in December we went to Alicante for a week, found some heat and sun, met with old friends, made some new friends, drank far too much wine – regretting not a drop! – and did a few dives.DSC01413 DSC01730
  • Christmas and New Year have been and gone. January has disappeared. The evenings are starting to lengthen. We have anniversaries looming that we must deal with, but Happy Spring Time everyone.

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