Don’t patronise me, please

DSC06405“I gather you’re in a bit of discomfort ” said a consultant, new to me, yesterday.

What??? A bit of discomfort? This isn’t discomfort, it’s disabling. I have ascites, a side effect of the ovarian cancer. I’m like a beached whale, eight weeks overdue.  I can’t sit up, I can’t lie down. Indulge in anything  energetic, like brushing my teeth or sitting at the computer for ten minutes, and I have to lie down. I haven’t eaten for days and now I can’t even keep water down. I can’t bend over or reach my feet. Even wiping my bum is a major feat of contortionism, for goodness sake. Yes, I am wallowing in self-pity.

So do not tell me this is minor discomfort.


Ok, rant over.



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