T is for Trees

Tara’s prompt this week is T. Just that, T. So I thought I’d show you some trees.

The twisted pines are behind the dunes at Yellowcraig in East Lothian. All these years that I’ve lived here and I’d never seen them before – we always go straight down to the beach at Yellowcraig and never wander around the back of the dunes. But last week I was helping GP2 with his project on sanddunes for Advanced Higher Geography. Not only did we measure across the dunes from the sea to the trees, we did zillions of quadrats so I had to learn to identify some plants that weren’t seaweeds. GP2 had to learn to identify some plants. We sat in the sunshine and counted and named plants together and afterwards we both agreed we’d enjoyed ourselves. This is not an activity I would ever have believed that I’d be doing with one of my offspring, let alone a willing, happy offspring.

We saw some spectacular strangler figs on our Big Holiday. We have dozens of photos of trees – that’s what you get when you go on holiday to the Australian rain forest – but I thought I should show you these. It’s difficult to get the scale – suffice to say Enormous! We also saw lots of palm trees but this one from Fiji was my favourite.


10 thoughts on “T is for Trees

  1. OMG I’ve got comments! I’m going to have to go back to Yellowcraig (a little closer than Australia) and try & take some better pictures. I’d rather go back to Australia.

  2. Cool trees! I’ve been down to Yellowcraigs a couple of times to do surveys of the rocky shore and never noticed those trees. Note to self… check out the trees as well as the seaweed next time 🙂

  3. That sounds like a great day. I’m going to have to explore Yellowcraig a bit more. I have happy memories of doing what sounds like the same sort of AH dune study with my daughter. We went to Aberlady Bay and Tyninghame, though. Aberlady Bay turned out to me a much bigger place than I thought… we nearly got lost just getting to the dunes!

  4. Hi Fiona – I think we all get a bit single-minded sometimes! And David yes, Aberlady Bay is Huge – I was very glad it wasn’t suggested as a dune location. We struggled enough with Gullane!

  5. My son used to climb the ‘bendy trees’ as we called them when he was a toddler. I suspect the area got fenced off to preserve the trees from mums trying to impress sons with their climbing skills 😉

  6. So what you’re really trying to say, Lynne, is that you used to climb the trees when he was a toddler. Not that I blame you – I think we’d have been climbing them if they weren’t fenced off!

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