Colour Yellow

This week’s Photo Gallery is Colour. Just one colour, any colour. I thought you might like this view of Lindisfarne Castle from Gertrude Jekyll’s garden. I loved the blaze of colour hidden behind stone walls on a fairly bleak landscape. A few weeks ago we all spent a happy Sunday afternoon wandering around Lindisfarne before meeting friends in Beadnell for dinner. I’ve been over the causeway to Holy Island several times over the years, often for work, but for some reason none of the rest of the family had ever been across. It was very busy – lots of tourists on a sunny day – but that didn’t seem to matter. The little garden was a gem.







3 thoughts on “Colour Yellow

  1. I went over to Lindisfarne once. It was lovely, especially during the wait for the AA to come and get me back into my car having locked the keys in the ignition…… Ooops

  2. Andrew and I went to Lindisfarne and loved it, even though it was pouring with rain! And of course we bought meade- isnt there a set of illuminated manuscripts at Lindisfarne? like the book of kells but not kells

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