No, there hasn’t been a huge thaw. No, I haven’t finished the report I’m working on. Yes, I should be working not visiting my blog.  But the clip below really made me smile. I’ve borrowed it from Retired and Crazy.

Hallelujah Chorus


5 thoughts on “Hallelujah!

  1. And now it’s “yester”.. how are you doing that?!

    Anyway, you’ve brought tears to my eyes. Maybe because it’s Christmas, maybe because it’s the first year I won’t do any singing at all, maybe it’s because Handel’s fab.

    Thank you whatever the reason….

  2. Gifford this time – and humbie on the other one…. however they’re doing it, it’s great! Will have to see if Borders Council can come up with something similar.

    Anyway, feel I’m now stalking you in a slightly creepy fashion, so will stop, but actually just stopped by in case you hadn’t seen this – more of the same but equally wonderful (and with an organ)

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