School shoes.  2 pairs and maybe some grown out of rejects that have escaped the bin.

Messing around after school shoes.  Scaffy trainers, 2 pairs.

Trying to be cool shoes.  White (yuck!) trainers, but they will insist.

Going to work everyday shoes.

Going to work smart shoes.

Wearing with a dress shoes.  One pair.  Although there might still be some discards at the back of the wardrobe.  Come on, have you ever seen me in a dress?

Grown up scruffy trainers, various.

Wellington boots.  4 pairs.

Steel toe capped, bright yellow welly boots.  Required footwear at Sullom Voe despite the smallest size being rather bigger than my feet.  Lots of socks necessary.  And they give me a new pair every year – anyone need some yellow wellies?

Rigger boots.  1 pair.  Husband’s – see yellow wellies.

Walking boots, various.  For walking, obviously.

Cast off walking boots.  For the garden and standing on the sidelines at cold, cold football matches.

Football boots.  2 pairs.

Astro turf boots.  2 pairs.  Also useful for playing tennis.

Running shoes.  3 pairs although only mine are used for their intended purpose these days. 

Trail shoes.  1 pair.  For those muddy fields and woodland paths, bought partly with my coming second voucher from last year’s Haddington tri. 

Cycle shoes.  1 pair.  They’re supposed to make me go faster.  More cycling would make me go faster.

Squash shoes.  3 pairs, none of them mine.  Plus some grown out of but not much used cast offs.  Anyone want some non-marking, never used outside squash shoes?

Poolside shoes.  Flip flops of various sorts.

Sandals, various. 

Wearing with a kilt for pipe band shoes.

And I might have to crack this summer and buy a pair of proper tennis shoes to protect my dodgy ankle. 


No wonder we can’t get up our stairs.


Photo credit: Shoes in alley off brick lane by Rob.purdie 


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