Joining in the fun

Why do so many mums write blogs?  And such entertaining ones at that.  Anyhow, I’m joining in the fun over at Part Mummy Part Me. Head on over there to find some bloggers you may not have encountered before. Read. Enjoy. Vote.


And while you’re here, try this link, courtesy of Blethers, for yet another form of displacement activity.  It’ll only take you away for a minute or two from that pile of Christmas cards you should be writing…


4 thoughts on “Joining in the fun

  1. Hi
    Loved your post for the carnival! It struck a chord with me as I often catch myself thinking it’ll be easier when Small Child gets older (she’ll be four in the Spring). But the more I spend time with her and the more I read, I realise how important it is to live in the now.
    Good luck for the carnival!

  2. Hi TG39! When my 2 were little, everyone kept telling me how fast they grow up. The trouble was, every day seemed long – enjoyable, but long – so I wasn’t sure I believed them and now? It won’t be long before they’re leaving home.

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