In praise of…

london-bus-5.jpg…London buses.  With apologies to The Guardian.  Lest I become permanently marked as a moaner and ranter, I thought it was time to write something positive. And I always enjoy the “In Praise of…” piece on the Guardian Leader page – an antidote to the ranting and complaining of so much media.  I would like to write something about GP1’s recent school report.  But that would be too depressing and would definitely negate the required positive, enthusiastic, upbeat tone I need.  Perhaps I’ll wait until after Parents’ Evening for that one.  So London buses it is.

I think it’s about 3 years, maybe 2, since our last extended visit to London.   That was over Easter and was mainly memorable for GP2 breaking his two front teeth on a bench in the Imperial War Museum.  We were in the Trenches at the time.  Easter Monday was spent in dental casualty at Guys.

Our visit this New Year was less eventful, thank goodness, with a trip to the Science Museum to meet a friend I’ve not seen in 14 years, and we hopped on and off the buses and found our way around with ease.  The buses are great – and you get a much better view than on the tube.  Buy your ticket before boarding – an Oyster Card would have been the best but we cottoned on to that too late – and you can travel where you will.  Children 14 & under travel free.  Buses arrive every 10 minutes or so (although we were there during the holidays) so there was never long to wait.  And the best bit this time around was the tube-style maps on all the bus stops so that we could find our way about; buses can be awful scary when you’re not sure where you’re going.  There doesn’t seem much need for a car for day-to-day living in Central London, although those who live there and have to use public transport on a daily basis may well disagree.  It did seem much more efficient, coordinated and easier to use than Edinburgh’s public transport system.

We had a good cycle ride as well.  My two sisters and I cycled from Camberwell along the south embankment from Vauxhall Bridge, past the Eye and the Festival Hall until we ran out of path east of Tower Bridge.  It was a great way to see the city.  And while I’m quite glad I don’t live in a city, I do enjoy visiting them. 


2 thoughts on “In praise of…

  1. I like the disclaimer, GPM: ‘although those who live there and have to use public transport on a daily basis may well disagree’. Wise, very wise…

    Glad you liked it, though!

  2. Thought you’d like the cop out, PM! And who knows, maybe all the Park ‘n Rides and the trams they’re putting into Edinburgh at the moment will give us a coordinated, easy to use, efficient means of getting round the city. It’s easy to get into town on the train but, once there…

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