The joys of…shopping

One of the benefits of injury has been the decrease in the size of my credit card bill, matched only, on the downside, by the decrease in the size of my calf muscle, and possibly out-stripped by a decrease in fitness.  Anyhow, the first of these has been the most easily rectified.  School trousers, school shoes, school shirts, new trainers, the list is long.  And expensive.  And very tiring, as we traipsed around Fort Kinnaird, trying to locate that critical balance point between a 14 yr old’s fashion sense and what mother was prepared to shell out. 

The following day I found myself on my own in Tescos, doing the weekly shop.  It’s remarkable how quickly we can slip back into routine; I suddenly realised, as I headed for the trolleys, that I had hardly set foot in a supermarket for 2 months.  Oh, it all came flooding back, just how much I dislike the weekly shop, as I wandered round the re-arranged shelves wielding my trolley like a zimmer frame.  It has been so completely reorganised that I realised why our store cupboards were lacking in a number of staples.  No-one has been able to find them.  No doubt, just as we get used to the new layout, they’ll change it all again.  But at least they have finally moved the gluten-free flour from the middle of the highly glutinous and dusty flour section to the GF section proper. 

So that’s the credit card sorted out.  Some things are clearly returning to normal.   The fitness might take a little longer.


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