Hello World!

I picked up NeoWorx courtesy of Ollie and have sort of managed to install it in the sidebar.  The Map seems to be working but I also tried to put a counter on and flags and they seem less successful.  I shalll continue fiddling with it and see what happens.  It’s reassuring to have some sort of indication that there are people out there who read my ramblings;  I have missed GoogleAnalytics since its demise as a tool for individual Edubuzz blogs.  


3 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Would love to know how to add this feature. I will have a look at the site.Looks like you are getting quite a few international visitors.

  2. If you go to the NeoWorx site the instructions are pretty good. I wasn’t sure where to put the code, so I pasted it into a text widget and it seemed to work. I haven’t managed to get the Flags display working though or the NeoWorx stats counter. It is quite nice seeing that people do look at the site!

  3. The GoStats button seems to be working, and has similar – although not as clearly presented – information to Google Analytics. Probably not as much information either, but more than enough for me.

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