Two quotes down, 3 big tenders to go.  I’m hoping not to be away too much in May when the exams are on, and have just quoted for some work designed to keep me at my microscope for several weeks, but this is the start of the main field season and the best weather.  My income for the year is always dependent on winning at least one large field based contract. 

We have yet to hear what’s happening at school once the exams start – I am dreading the possibility of a month’s study leave as it would inevitably mean plenty of leave and not much study.  I would really feel the school was reneging on its responsibilities if they send the 3rd years home for a month and I hope this won’t happen.   At least if they’re at school they will be in a working environment (at least, I hope they will!), with surely some of their peers involved in heads down studying.  Anyhow, we’ll wait & see.


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