My other world

In my real world, my desk is groaning under a pile of tenders I need to deal with.  The immediate question is – how to prioritise them?  There’s always a lot of second guessing goes into putting tenders together, looking for this year’s salary.  Who else is bidding (my husband’s company for one!)?  What do they know that we don’t know – or vice versa?  How much are they charging per day? What is the budget? And how long is the piece of string that is the length of time the project really needs to complete?  How much of that piece of string is the client prepared to pay for?  If they’re not going to cough up for all of it, which bits can be dropped?  Will the field work really take the whole of the school holidays, as happened last year – I had two weeks in the house last summer holidays. Should I put a lot of time into a tender I only have a 25% chance of winning, as no one pays for putting tenders together? And do I want to do the job in the first place? 

I’ve just seen quite a nice salaried job advertised and there is always an appeal of a regular monthly income, holidays that you can actually take and someone other than myself contributing to a pension.  But then I think about driving into an office every day…  And office politics… And staff meetings… I’ll just get on with those tenders.


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