I hate computers

cmh-090706-21-leptometra-celtica.jpgI spent a large chunk of yesterday and most of this morning trying to install a new subscription to my McAfee antivirus package.  I eventually tracked it down, via various help forums and message boards, to a conflict with IE7 and the need to download some extra stuff from Microsoft.  I wanted to shout “why didn’t you tell me that in the first place? I’m supposed to be on holiday!” at McAfee.  And I don’t even like this new updated version of McAfee; it’s giving me popup messages about all sorts of things I really don’t want or need to know about.  So my next little job was to copy some laboriously labelled photos to a CD or two to finish my input on the Loch Sunart project.  More shouting at the computer and stomping round the house before I finally decided that my CD writer ist Kaput and I’d have to sort it out on the laptop. How I hate that message “There is no writable CD in the drive”. 

Meanwhile revision continues apace -“a” in this context as in abiotic or adiabatic or anoxia.  Bribery, blackmail, cajoling, threats, encouragement, peer pressure – does anyone know anything that works?  I think May will be more nerve racking than when I did exams myself – at least then I was in control!  Roll on June!


2 thoughts on “I hate computers

  1. My DELL PC came with McAfee anti-virus installed, which I got rid of simply to avoid an annoying marketing message at every startup. Functionally, I’d no complaints – it did the job.

    The way I see it, anti-virus software should run in the background and be as discreet as possible. McAfee, on the other hand, thought it would be a good idea to hijack my attention with a marketing splash-screen which popped up every day when the software started. And to offer no opt-out. I developed a whole new affection for Norton without Symantec having to do a thing.

    I guess inept marketing will be behind the annoying pop-ups you’re now seeing. They might not contain any information you need, but I bet there are plenty of nice logos to look at.

  2. Mine’s a Dell too, but I was too much of a cheapskate to buy Norton again when the PC came last year with McAfee preinstalled. Not so many popups today – perhaps it was just settling in.

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