To see or not to see?

Two 12yr olds overheard in the car this morning (subject choice being a current hot topic):-microscope-small.jpg

GP2: “I’m not going to do biology.  It’s so boring. Physics is good though.”  (So this biologist parent has done a good job there, then.)

Friend: “Biology’s great! Why would you want to do Physics when you just have to imagine everything? At least in Biology you can see what you’re talking about.”

GP2: “Not always. Some things are really small.”

Friend: “You can use a microscope.  What’s the point of learning about things like light waves when you can’t ever see them?”

GP2:  “Well, I’m going to do Physics and Chemistry.”

End of conversation.  The interesting common denominator is the teacher; GP2’s favourite teacher is the Physics teacher, who happens to teach Biology, but not Physics, to the friend.


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