Easter revision classes


“All right, I’ll go but I’m not going to the whole thing.” 

“Why not?”

“It’s chemistry.  You can’t expect me to concentrate on Chemistry for that long.”

“But you want to do Chemistry Higher.  You’ll have to get a good grade.”

“Yes but…”

“And you’re quite capable of concentratiing on computer games for hours.”

“That’s different.”

and so on.


“It was OK.  I did some practice papers with D and he told me some things I didn’t know.”

“That’s good. So are you going to read through the rest of your notes now?”

“No, I’ve done it now.”

“But there’ll be other stuff you don’t know.  How do you know what you don’t know if you don’t read through your notes?”  (Don’t worry – he didn’t understand that bit either.)

Anyhow, I’m sure you get the gist. 


2 thoughts on “Easter revision classes

  1. Your post is very interesting. We constantly have a debate about the usefulness of these classes. Do they genuinely add to the revision being carried out at home or do pupils sometimes see them as an alternative?

    We still offer the classes but I think it is a big question and to be honest the answer probably varies with the youngster.

  2. I’m sure the answer varies with the youngster but I think the classes provided 1) a certain amount of focus and 2) the realisation that his mates were actually doing some work. They’re certainly partly an alternative to work at home but they have provided some all important variety and added a social element to revision. As I have no idea what went on in them, I can’t comment on the content! But we appreciated them and I know other parents did as well.

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