Showcase Concert

I know Alan has already posted about this but I thought I’d add my own “Thank you” to everyone involved.  It was fantastic!  Not a spare seat, so many pupils involved, great music.  And the wind band at the end made the most wonderful sound.  GP1 was somewhere in the brass section and, as we were leaving, he very nearly admitted that he’d enjoyed it.  Big concession as it’s not cool to enjoy these things too much just now.  (He’s in an “everything’s boring” phase at the moment, as discussed by Liz O’Neill, but we don’t pay too much attention.)  I think it’s great that they get the opportunity to play in these bands to a much higher standard than they can do in the school bands which are more inclusive and work to the lowest common denominator – really good for the younger children. 

Both the boys are going to the NYBBS reserve band (wee Nibs) summer school in St Andrews this year; GP1 went last year and had an absolute ball. With two of them going, we’re having to take applying for grants a little more seriously than last year.  I tried not to listen too carefully to the stories about clingfilm or the golf course sprinklers and just enjoyed the concert at the end.  I’m just happy that they can go and enjoy making music, have a good time and make new friends all at once. And look, no parents!


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