malta-038.jpgWe went in to the school this evening for the S1 Pathways evening – a sort of open evening where all the subjects try to sell themselves to potential Standard Grade students.  Now that we’ve been through this once, it didn’t seem quite as important as first time round and it was noticeable that there weren’t as many people as on a 1st Year Parents’ evening.  However, it was useful to put teachers’ faces to names, find out about the course structure of subjects that our older son isn’t taking and see some of the work of older students on display. 

As GP2 has a reasonably good idea of what subjects he wants to take, and we haven’t yet seen the choice columns, we also used the evening to ask various teachers about GP1’s Higher choices.  We weren’t the only ones doing this as a number of friends have children in both S3/S4 and S1, and they were doing the same thing.  I came away thinking that, as a parent with a son making his Higher choices at the moment, the school could usefully have invited S3/S4 pupils and their parents as well.  I have certainly felt in need of more information to help with Higher choice.  And we did learn one very useful thing tonight – the Standard Grade music practical is next week, a little gem of information that GP1 has been keeping very quiet about.  I will expect more noise over the next seven days or so.


2 thoughts on “Pathways

  1. Music Practicals

    That’s a point – I never thought to put the dates of those on the Dates For Your Diary Page for the schools I visit. I know that the PTs and class teachers make everything very public and that all the pupils know as soon as the dates come in. I sometimes forget how much pupils keep from their parents in the hope of avoiding “encouragement” and one more place to check could only help.

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