Happy birthday…

…to Mary, on Monday next.  St Joseph’s Day, in case anyone was wondering (hence Mary Jo).  Two days after St Patrick’s Day.  In our young days, we all used to go around on the 17th March with a damp green wilting blob of shamrock pinned on like a medal.   Does anyone still do that, I wonder?  This year, St Patrick’s Day will be celebrated with the swimming club championships. 

Anyhow, I thought I’d say Happy Birthday here in advance as we are notoriously bad in our scattered family at remembering to get those cards from the desk to the letterbox which, in my case, is at least 100m away.  They usually (or perhaps that should be sometimes) trickle in for a week or two after the event.  I have one for Mary sitting next to me wih a quote from Larry Lorenzoni on the front.  I’d better not tell you what it says, just in case it does make to the post – wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.


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