More or less cat

p1010030.JPGPoor Tabby.  After whatever adventures she had the other weekend, she hopped around for a few days and cleaned up her injured paw.  Only it seems that she cleaned up too well as, early Friday afternoon, there was a shout from the bedroom.  “Mum!  Tabby’s toe’s dropped off!”  And sure enough, she was minus a toe.  It had definitely been there before lunch.  So, there was another trip to the vet.  Then another, first thing yesterday morning, for an operation to sort out the injured member.  Then another, this morning, to replace the bandage that she had ripped off the moment she got back into the house.  This did at least give me the opportunity to get the vet to persuade her to swallow this morning’s antibiotic tablet. 

I have refrained from posting a picture of the unbandaged paw – too much information, I thought.  Rather like the graphic descriptions we were given at the Exc-el meeting yesterday of Ewan’s reasons for absence (and no, the cat hadn’t been sick on his homework).  I don’t know, you’re going to have to come up with something outstanding for the next meeting, Ewan; last one was your diary, this one was something none of us wanted to catch.  Perhaps he’s not a real person at all but a figment of the ether, creating blogs from a mystical Apple.  Sorry, I’m getting carried away.  And, erm, we haven’t yet found the missing toe and are slightly worried where it’s going to turn up.


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