Exc-el open meeting

I’m not in Wales, my husband isn’t in Libya, so I went along to the open meeting this afternoon.  It was interesting to put faces to a number of blogs and to find that I didn’t need to say much more than “I’m guineapigmum”.  David Gilmour explained how Edubuzz was evolving and described some of the planned developments. There was an interesting and wide-ranging discussion revolving around security concerns and the use of photographs and videos on school blogs and web sites.  As a parent, I found it illuminating to see a tiny bit of what goes on in the Education department and to be able to contribute in some way to the discussions.  I would certainly be happy to support the roadshows that look likely to happen as a way of bringing a positive view of Edubuzz and blogging to the parent community.  Of course, most or all of the teachers and education staff around the table at the meeting are parents themselves, but I think it can be difficult to separate the professional knowledge and opinion from the personal.  I have no such education baggage (assuming you don’t count my Level 1 swimming instructor ceritficate) and am very happy to point out the gap between what I want to know as a parent and what the school wants to tell me.

I had warned my fellow coach that I would be late for swimming this evening and indeed I was. He looked very frazzled when I eventually arrived.  I then went on to the Masters swimming at Prestonpans to find that tonight was the night we were swimming a sponsored mile (I’m ashamed to say I can’t find the sponsor form).  As we normally do considerably more than a mile in training, some of us decided to use it as a time trial.  Why do I never get any faster, despite the training?  I figure I would have to do an awful lot more swimming to take off any significant time.  So I did 800m in 14min 30s (or thereabouts) and 1500 in 28m 20s, 1 mile in 30m something.  At least I manged 1500m in less than half an hour.  I can console myself with the thought that I haven’t got much slower, despite the continually passing years.


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