Bridges, transfers, flow

We may be about to put in an offer on a house in Dunbar.  Not sure how likely we are to get this (in fact, it’s very unlikely) but we’ll have a go and there’s an outside chance.  The biggest problem though may turn out to be schools.  With our eldest doing his Standard Grades in S3, what would happen if he were to transfer to Dunbar Grammar where SGs are sat in S4? Could he do a 2 year Higher course, which seems to be the main point of the S3 exams? It would be practically impossible for him to stay at Ross High, unless we invest in helicopter transfers as well as a house.  How does a school cater for one student whose education is out of synch with his peers?  Of course, he could always do resits which may be a real threat given the prelim results which, as far as I can make out, range from 2s to 7s, but this would be so demotivating.  And I still hope that we can persuade him that he needs to do some proper revision before May. 

We have just received information from the school about choosing subjects for S4/S5 which is very welcome.  It clarifies for me (at least partially), for the first time, the structure for the next couple of years with a timetable for the next few months.  Although welcome, I do think that some of this information could be presented to parents at a much earlier stage, perhaps at subject choice time in S1, and simply reiterated now with the detailed timetable.

And what about our younger son in S1? Would he be thoroughly bored by S2 or is there enough in the syllabus that hasn’t been crammed into S1 at Ross High?  And if this is the case, what is he missing out at Ross High? 

Just a few thoughts about bridges we will cross when the time comes, should we need to.


4 thoughts on “Bridges, transfers, flow

  1. My tuppence worth -do what is best for WHOLE family. We moved oldest son from Scotland to England at end of S4 – it had good and bad points but family needs came first. If the Dunbar move is good for all of you then the other things will fall into place.

    Families do move, it’s part of life so schools should be able to help pupils adjust. Kids are a lot more flexible than we are!

  2. Thanks for you good wishes the other day. I wish you the best with the many choices you describe. I agree with Liz O’Neill’s comment about the flexibility of the young. I’m expect the parents of many of East Lothian’s Polish children might agree.

  3. Thanks both for your comments. That’s really what we both feel, particularly as we both moved schools a number of times and always adapted. We’re just nervous about being too cavalier with our responsibilities to our own children! The possibility of a move to Dunbar has come upon us rather suddenly; still, we have until Friday morning to decide!

  4. I have my eyes screwed up tight, fingeres in my ears and head under the blanket as I’ve just phoned the solicitor and put an offer in on the Dunbar house. It’s more in hope than anticipation but we’ll know this afternoon. I am excited and terrified in equal measure…

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