It’s Wednesday, for goodness sake

p1010131.JPGAnd I still don’t know if my husband is going to Libya on Monday.  If he doesn’t go to Libya, he is going to Ireland on Tuesday.  Meanwhile, I’m away for the weekend on my annual outing to the Lake District and was expecting to go to the rescheduled Wales survey straight from there. But I won’t be going if Libya is on.  Someone else is on hold for the Welsh job and presumably they’d like to organise their life as well.  Mother & brother-in-law arrive sometime on Sunday, but it seems a little unfair to leave them to hold the fort while we both swan off.  There is also an Exc-el meeting on Monday that I said, way back then, that I’d go to – I may be there, I may not.  Who knows?  Still, maybe the weather will be bad again and it will all be academic.  At least I have a good idea that all my diving gear is in working order…


2 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday, for goodness sake

  1. Don’t feel obliged to come along on Monday. You are contributing just by keeping your blog. There will be other meetings

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