Radio silence

The boys and I are off down the M6 in the morning so the gpm corner will go very quiet for a few days.  Done: report (my bits), tax paid, VAT return, dishwasher fixed (a nice man this time), swimming rota, laundry mountain and it looks like I might get to bed before midnight.  Not done: any packing.  We’re going to listen to “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” in the car.  We’ve been working our way through these (unabridged) on car journeys; it’s been a great way to visit some of the classics which, with their old fashioned language, I’ve always found are more difficult for younger children to read themselves than more recent novels.  Books that I really enjoyed as a 12 year old just don’t cut it today although the story lines are still as good.  Children’s story tapes are great for adult listening in the car as you only have to concentrate just enough.

Chemistry prelim today was hard, apparently.  He’ll miss two exams this week which will need to be fitted in later.  Monday & Tuesday see History and Biology so the books will have to go with us but it may be a lost cause.  The house in Somerset is going to be very full and very busy.  If he’d done the ground work it wouldn’t matter but, despite  nagging/not nagging/timetable/active help/leaving him to get on with it and every other strategy I could think of, I don’t think much has been done.  I’m hoping he’s going to spring a big surprise.  I expect I’ll let you know!


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