A small success

It feels like a major triumph.  We looked at day 3 of the crisis management, non-negotiable revision timetable we started putting together at the weekend and with much harrumphing older son disappeared to finish his solo talk and revise some music.  Later, after I’d spent an hour – yes, that’s right, a whole hour – washing the contents of the broken-down dishwasher (I’d forgotten what a chore washing up is), cooked dinner, taken/collected younger son from football and eaten dinner, I made him sit down with me to go through his earlier efforts and he did this more or less willingly.  Hooray!

The solo talk was awful, truly awful, worse than the one he gave in P3.  Much worse.  Fortunately he realised this himself as soon as he started speaking and, well, hilarity ensued.  He’s agreed to let me help him sort it out tomorrow which is a minor breakthrough.  I’m not holding my breath about the music prelim tomorrow but at least he’s looked through some of it.  It’s tough being 14.


2 thoughts on “A small success

  1. My wife has found the ideal solution to a broken down dishwasher – a husband. Apparently he is easily bribed with offers of Skys football package with the promise that there will be not be an interruption to help with childrens homework. I think its a good deal personally!

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