All that information

is quite scary.  I’ve put the Latest Post widget on my sidebar and I got Google analytics working a few days ago.  So I can now see that my brother in Abu Dhabi was looking at my blog from Dubai.  By the way, note to all siblings who might be reading this (may I repeat all) it was, in fact, my birthday yesterday.  I could also see that someone found my blog via Star Dancer on the Now Reading list.  Browsing some of the other Excel blogs last week, I got distracted by one of the stats widgets which had more information about everyone visiting the site that you can imagine.  Everything bar birthdays, I guess.  Although I am quite sure that, if you know your way around, you could find the birthdays somewhere else.  It is no wonder that there is so much spam mail flying about the ether.

There are so many issues surrounding information storage and availability these days.  There is the Freedom of Information Act where we feel that we should know everything that government is doing.  There are concerns about identity cards and the amount of information held centrally by government about individuals.  Banks and financial institutions hold all sorts of information about our finances and credit worthiness.  And it seems that every time we use the internet or make a phone call we send out another little bit of information about ourselves.  Does it matter? Do I mind?  I don’t know, but it is quite scary when you stop and think about it.


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