Personal learning guides

This big new initiative was in the (English) news last week, accompanied by the inevitable many complaints that it wouldn’t work and how could teachers be expected to have the time for this.   Now, I realise I am a mere parent and don’t understand these things fully, but from what I heard on the news clips, it sounded very like the Guidance system that Ross High – and I imagine other East Lothian High Schools – has in place.  Would anyone care to elaborate?


2 thoughts on “Personal learning guides

  1. Firstly, the remit of guidance teachers is much broader. You can see what the school inpectors look for in guidance here:

    Secondly, their time is tight. It’s an aim – not always achieved – to meet individual pupils once per year. From above HMIE doc:
    4.3 A common aim in the job specification of guidance teachers is “to meet each pupil in the case-load at least once per year on a one-to-one basis”.

    The English proposals are for up to 20 hours of one-to-one support in Maths and/or English:

    “To test this idea, the pilot would fund 10 one-hour
    sessions of individual tuition in Maths and/or
    English for pupils who started the key stage
    below national expectations and who are still
    making poor progress. The aim is to help them to
    make two levels of progress by the end of the key
    stage. Tuition would be delivered by qualified
    teachers, supported by guidance from the DfES, and
    co-ordinated by the LA.”

    Full details in pdf report here:

  2. Ah – thanks for that! Just goes to show how news bites don’t really tell the story. I heard the prisoners on the run interview on the Today programme the other day, followed by a summary in the news bulletin of what Mr Prison Man had said. The latter was so selective that it totally distorted what he had actually said. One of my teacher sisters did say to me recently that guidance systems are great in theory but only work if the teachers do actually meet the children reasonably regularly.

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