For all maths teachers

There was a programme on Radio 4 this morning about the the use of humour in maths teaching.  Ha ha Mathematics on listen again.  It’s part of a series on humour in teaching; I heard one about language teaching the other week.  Anyhow, with the last week of term nigh, thank goodness, you should all dig out some of the jokes for use with your classes.  I’m afraid I’ve forgotten them all already but there were a couple of number tricks from Geoffrey Durham which would provide some scope for your pupils to show off their mathematical skills over the Christmas holidays.  There was one about grey elephants in Denmark, which snagged me completely (to do with numbers you first thought of) and another one that starts ‘Think of a 3 figure number; reverse it; take the second away from the first…’ and so on until you get to the first word on a page in the dictionary.  All to do with the 9 times table apparently.

Meanwhile, I learnt how to factorise and simplify & stuff like that in my Int 2 revision last night (2nd prelim paper today).  All I can remember from school was that awful SMP modern maths where we learnt about Venn diagrams and binary numbers.  Glad that all seems to have gone.  And S1’s promised maths test for next Wednesday has, thankfully, been put off until next term.  I’m sure it’s common to a lot of S1 students (and quite possibly their teachers) – they are totally exhausted!  The end of term can’t come soon enough.


2 thoughts on “For all maths teachers

  1. You are certainly right about everyone in school being exhausted at the moment. The extensive rounds of concerts (enjoyed the relaxation tonight but could have been busy at other things), prelims, tests, reports,etc just become harder with Christmas preperations to fit in.

    However, that doesn’t stop the enjoyment of finding things which can be useful in class wherever they come from. Thanks for the link – I’ll be passing it on to the rest of the department tomorrow.


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