and finally

for today.  I will soon have to break my vow of silence about this blog and introduce one of my many siblings to the world of educational blogging.  She is a teacher in one of the Manchester area’s more challenging high schools.  She started out as a geography teacher but is currently running a unit to try and re-integrate non-attenders to school and the classroom; I think she somehow has to teach all of them everything. They do a lot of games when it all gets too much; she introduced me to Rummikub recently and I’ve been eyeing it up for Christmas.  Blogging might be a really useful tool, assuming they have enough computers/internet access. 

Don’s blog about behaviour and the consistent application of expectations struck a chord as she left (pretty much walked out of) the school she had worked in for many years when some kids broke into her classroom cupboard one lunchtime and stole a laptop and projector.  The Head refused to get the police in or do anything about it and the subsequent classes, who all knew who the culprits were, were very mocking.  


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