Thank you

majasmall.jpgThank you for your comments this week.  Blogging is a whole new experience for me but I think it’s nice to know that it’s not into a vacuum.  It has the advantage over direct speech that you don’t have to witness the glazed expression that comes over people’s faces when you talk about the life & times of your own children.  So far, it has been a bit of a brain dump of various things that have been swilling around in my head with nowhere to go, and there’s more to come from there.

Older son came home with a chemistry revision timetable for prelims last night and I have just downloaded Don’s Study Deposit Account information.  This looks really good as I have been struggling to come up with some mutually acceptable study plan.  I also had a better look at BBC Bitesize last night.  This looks like an excellent tool to help with revision and the French bit gave a very clear summary of what the course and assessments/exam involves.  This wasn’t there for all the subjects but is the type of information that would be of huge benefit to ignorant parents like myself at the start of the Standard Grade course. 

I think I will now try and enlist the help of the guidance/subject teachers for help with constructing a Study Deposit Account.  Teachers out there would you appreciate this approach or should the guineapig family be able to come up with a programme on their own?

Not sure if that link links – I haven’t quite worked out how to do this yet.


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