Hello world!

Hello everyone!  I came across this site by accident yesterday whilst looking for some contact information- I had heard about it a while ago from cluster meetings but I never got around to checking it out. I’ve felt for a while that there was a need for some more general informal discussion between parents & teachers – 2 minutes at Parents’ Evening just doesn’t quite cut it.  I work from home so you can expect lots of posts while I’m looking for displacement activity and none at all when deadlines are looming.

Must confess to finding the site whilst writing a letter of complaint to the school (more about that later) and it set me thinking that teachers must feel that they only ever hear from parents when things go wrong. So this I hope is an opportunity to talk about the things going right from my viewpoint – as well as the odd problem of course.

 To follow:-

  1. Those music grade exams
  2. Standard Grades in S3? I hate it
  3. If I can get it done in 10 minutes, why spend 15 and do it well? (Boys and homework)
  4. My life in a day or so


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Welcome to Exc-el! To paraphrase those job ads: we welcome blogs from parents because they’re under-represented amongst our bloggers. Doesn’t have the right ring to it, though, somehow, does it?

    We’re hoping that blogs will provide another useful way that parents and teachers can talk to one another. The miracles of feed readers such as Bloglinesmake it possible for people to take part in lots of blog conversations easily – you certainly can’t do that at parents’ night!

    I’m impatient to hear more already…

    BTW, have you any ideas how we might raise awareness of parent/carer blogging possibilities without alienating those unfamiliar with these technologies?

    David Gilmour

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